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API 8 CFR South China Coal swap for Q2' 2015 delivery shows a decrease of US$ 5.96 (-10.37%) per MT monthly and US$ 0.98 (-1.87%) per MT weekly.

A commodity exchange is a monetary agreement where balanced price is exchanged for a set rate over a definite period of time.

According to DSP of SGX Asia Clear thermal coal derivatives, as reported on Thursday 2 April 2015, recital of CFR South China Coal exchange declines in last week. Q2, Q3 and Q4 delivery exchange were gone around US$ 6.40 per MT monthly and around $1 w-o-w.

CFR South China Coal swaps
 On 2nd April 2015, South China Coal exchange for usual Q3' 15 delivery has also decreased as US$ 6.40 per Mt month over month and stopped at US$ 50.95 a ton. According to SGX Asia Clear OTC coal swap's reports released week ended 2 April 2015, the swap for regular Q4' 2015 delivery also declined monthly and weekly,
Average Q4' 2015 delivery swap stopped at US$ 51.27 a ton on 2 April 2015 a US$ 1.11 slighter than prior week closing and a US$ 6.38 (11.07%) per MT lesser from 2 March 2015 closing price of $ 57.65.

Q2' 2015 vs Q3' 2015
On 2nd April 2015, API 8 CFR South China coal swap for standard Q2'15 delivery trade closed at US$ 51.52 pmt, $ 0.57 higher than Q3' 15 closing price of US$ 50.95.

Q2' 2015 vs Q4' 2015
On 2nd April 2015, API 8 CFR South China Coal trade for average Q2' 2015 delivery stopped US$ 0.25 (0.49%) per MT higher as compare to average Q4' 2015 delivery price of US$ 51.27.


 According to last week's swaps drift, usual Q2, Q3 & Q4 2015 coal swaps were decreased monthly as well as weekly.


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