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President Note

A very warm welcome to Komoro IndoResources - a supply chain company managing the risk of bringing coal from the mine to the mother vessel and the destination port for our clients. We have an integrated relationship with the mine owners and we arrange funds for small mine owners for their operational costs. In exchange, we get the best prices possible for our customers. We can also reserve the entire stock of a mine for a customer on a pre-financed basis.

Coal has been the source of energy for centuries and will continue thus for some time to come.  While we have come to rely upon coal as an energy source we are aware that it and other fossil fuels have an adverse impact upon the environment. In this regard we have a dedicated team working towards finding alternative energy sources including solar, wind, and geothermal energies. However in the meantime coal is the most natural resource we have to meet our energy needs.

Komoro IndoResources under the leadership of its CEO has an experienced team of technicians to ensure quality control and an efficient logistical delivery to our customers. Komoro IndoResources is committed to providing our customers with quality product, reliable supply, innovative solutions and superior service.  Komoro IndoResources is committed to being socially responsible and once the operation of a mine has ceased we will ensure the area is restored to its original natural state or better.


Danniyal Malik

President Komoro IndoResources